Popular Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks For iPhone And iPod Touch

Cydia tweaks provides variety of apps and customization that you can use to twist your iphone or ipod to your taste. Though Cydia require jail breaking but it provides allot if variety that makes it more useful and interesting. Here I have shared some very useful and beautiful Cydia lockscreen tweaks for iphones and ipod touch. Most of them are free and some requires a little amount, choose the one which you like and keep innovating your iphone to your shape.


 It is a beautiful lockscreen tweak that gives your iphone the fishy look. A beautiful aquarium design on your home screen with fishes moving here and there. It id just like a live wallpaper. This animated theme has five fishes floating in a fish tank with animated bubble effect. Other than giving a natural fishy background this lockscreen displays LCD clock (12/24 hour modes) and digital LCD day and date display. You can change the settings for calender and day date widget by making changes in the Settings option. But this tweak has a basic requirement of Winterboard, it will be installed automatically. To enable this theme you have to go to Winterboard configuration panel in the Settings option on your iphone's home screen. Here are some screenshots -

Aquarium Settings OptionAquarium Lockscreen

Price - This beautiful lockscreen is available on Big Boss cydia repo for $1.

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Forecast is another popular cydia lockscreen tweak. As the name suggests Forecast gives you a cool home screen with information about the current weather and climatic conditions. On the screen Forecast will show current weather conditions, day's temperature, highest and lowest temperatures for the day. Forecast not only provides you the temperatures for the current day but on swiping the screen to left you can predict the weather conditions for the next five days planning your work accordingly. Here are some images -

Forecast Lockscreen

Price - Forecast is a popular lockscreen and if you want to download it using Modmyi cydia repo for $0.99.

Falling Leaves Autumn Lockscreen

It is another awesome multifunctional lockscreen tweak. It is an animated tweak and shows autumn leaves falling on the background. If the center there is a square box showing the time (digital display) in big clear fonts below that date follows. On swiping the screen to the left you can see the calender. On swiping again you will get currency quotes panel. These are live currency quotes from Yahoo finance quotes and are updated regularly. The lockscreen thus provides you time, date, calender and live currency quotes. Here are some images -

Falling Leaves Calender

Price - This useful Cydia lockscreen tweak can be downloaded using Bigboss repo for $1.

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Priority Hub

Priority Hub is among the best organised tweaks. It gives a clear and systematic display of notifications and useful data on your iphone's lockscreen. This tweak is inspired by Blackberry 10 lockscreen feature and organizes notifications  by app and prioritizes the useful information. You can clear these notifications of any app by pulling it down on notification list. This lockscreen also include full Priority Hub support that enables you to theme app icons differently than on your springboard. This tweak works smoothly on iOS 7 and iOS 8. Priority Hub is currently not compatible with ipad but is fine for use on iphones and ipod touches. Here are some pics -

Priority Hub NotificationsPriority Hub Lockscreen

Price - This lockscreen tweak can be downloaded from Bigboss repo using Cydia for free.

Flip Clock 7 Lockscreen

This is the among most flexible tweaks. If you want you keep your lockscreen tidy with just a clock showing time then this theme is for you. I provides you great choices for tweaking your lockscreen clock. The time is displayed in 24 or 12 hour format. Along with that it comes with a notification center. Using the settings panel you can customize the size of the clock, its type, seconds color, bounce effect, glass reflection effect, whether or not to blur the background color on lockscreen, weekdays and month language, Sundays color and you can also display or hide the leading zero for single digit hours. Here are some snapshots -

Modified FlipClock LockscreenFlip Clock 7

Settings Flip Clock 7FlipClock Cydia Lockscreen Tweak

Price - This flexible lockscreen is available in Big Boss repository for $ 0.99.

So these were some of the popular Cydia lockscreen tweaks. Also see top cydia apps for iOS. And do comment if you like any of these or if I am missing your favorite one. I will update the page with more awesome lockscreen tweaks so keep checking!

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