Cydia Apps To Customize Slide To Unlock Text

Slide To Unlock is a basic statement that you might have seen thousands of times on your iphone screen. Everytime you want to use iphone/ipad or any of your iOS device you just slide this lockscreen. But not from now. Here I am sharing with some cool Cydia apps for your jailbroken iOS device. Using these apps you can totally customize slide to unlock text, date text, custom try again text, disable icon jittering, hide/show date and clock etc. Use these Cydia apps to unlock and unleash the customizing power of your iPhone.

Here are the top three Cydia apps to customize slide to unlock -

1. CustomizeLS
2. Locksmoother+
3. HideMe8 Lite

Among these CustomizeLS is the most easy to use but has the least number of features among the three. And HideMe8 Lite has the most features. So if you just want to change the slide to unlock text use CustomizeLS. But if you want more customization go for HideMe8 Lite. Lets discuss each one separately.


CustomizeLS is a very easy to use cydia app. You can easily customize your lockscreen. Using this you can change the slide to unlock text, hide elements such as camera, grabbers, cc and status bar. It also allows you to change the size of the status bar so that to match the one on the homescreen.

Price - You can download CustomizeLS app from Cydia using Bigboss repo [] for free.

Here are some pics of this app -

CustomizeLS General SettingsCustomizeLS Slider Settings

CustomizeLS Cydia AppCustomizeLS Status Bar

Lock Smoother+ App

Lock Smoother+ is a great customizing app for jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. It makes your lockscreen clean and light. It is especially designed for iPhone 6+ [iOS 8] but also works fine with other devices. It is very smooth and integrated nicely with other customization apps such as springtomize 3. Here are some features of Lock Smoother+ -

  • Hide Grabber, Status Bar, Emergency and Cancel Buttons
  • Set Status Bar opacity
  • Hide Date, Charging text, Slide To Unlock Text
  • Customize Slide To Unlock Text 
  • Customize Date Text
  • Modify Pin Field Width
  • Modify Pin Field Circles Diameter
  • Remove Notification Separators
  • Remove Blurs
  • Remove Shadows
Price - Lock Smoother+ is available on Cydia BigBoss repo for $0.99. Here are some screenshots of Lock Smoother+ -

Lock Smoother+ SettingsLock Smoother+ Cydia App

Lock Smoother+ Touch IDEdited Notifications On Lockscreen

HideMe8 Lite

HideMe8 Lite comes with many features. You can hide/show many different UI elements just by enabling/disabling the settings in HideMe8 Lite settings panel. Here is a list of features - 

Notification Center
  • Hide today date, bottom separator, status bar

Control Center
  • Force square buttons
  • Force circle buttons
  • Hide Airdop/Airplay suction
  • Hide brightness section, dark separators, music section, Settings section, Quick Launch section
  • Customize Date Text
  • Customize Slide to Unlock text
  • Customize "Try Again" text
  • Hide Date, Clock, CC Grabber, Camera Grabber
Springboard Customization
  • Hide dock background, icon badges, icon labels, recently updates mark, news stand icon, TestFlight Beta Dot
  • Disable spotlight 
  • Disable icon jittering

 Price - HideMe8 Lite is available on Cydia Big Boss repo for free. Just download it and customize you lockscreen with many different designs.

Here are some snapshots of HideMe8 lite app -

HideMe 8 Lite ConfigurationHideMe 8 Lite Control Center

HideMe 8 Lite Settings UnlockHideMe 8 Lite Springboard Settings

So these were some Cydia apps to customize slide to unlock text. Using these not just to customize the text but gave your lockscreen a very cool look that you deserve. So keep customizing and do subscribe to this blog for more updates!

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