Best Dreamboard Themes For iOS 8 (2015)

Dreamboard has the power to customize your iphone in hundreds of different ways by changing themes, icons, sliders, screens etc. And here I am sharing some best Dreamboard themes for iOS 8 (2015) to download from Cydia. Unlike Winterboard Dreamboard offers a great variety and choice for customization. And since now Dreamboard is available for free you should definitely go for it. You could give your iphone the feel of android or Blackberry by changing the themes. Else if you are handy with Windows OS then Aero theme is for you. Aero will make your iphone springboard like a desktop with files and folders. And there are many other cool Dreamboard themes for iOS 8 (2015) to download that will make your iphone more cooler, so have a look.

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Gyro HD - The Pack Slider

Gyro HD is a very popular theme. It turns your app into square packets that can be slided here and there. It divides your iphone homescreen into individual sections. On downloading Gyro you will see three layers of boxes one at the top and two at the bottom. Each containing three/four of your favorites apps. And in the middle of these two layers is the cool weather info widget. You can slide these layers individually to see more apps. On sliding to the right you will get Facebook widget. Gyro is a very optimized ad clean looking. Especially when you want small number of apps properly arranged on your iphone homescreen. You can edit this theme and change the theme settings, your favorite app icons and customize it as you wish. Below are pics of Gyro HD theme -

Gyro For iPhone ScreenshotGyro HD Theme

Here is a video from Jailbreak Movies showing the Gyro HD theme -

Price - You can download Gyro theme from Cydia for $1.99.

Xtreme S HD Dreamboard Theme

Xtreme S HD is another crispy cool and gorgeous HD theme. Developed by iProhacker this theme offers a simple yet attractive layout. Date, time and weather is shown on the homescreen in single rectangular unit. On sliding you will get a half screen calender. App icons are arranged at the bottom leaving empty space in the middle giving a clean look. In this theme you can change the homescreen and lockscreen wallpaper using the "Settings App". Once you select the wallpaper springboard may reset for the wallpaper to take effect. One thing to mind here is you have to use Winterboard to enable Xtreme S HD status bar. Here are some pics of this Dreamboard theme -

Xtreme S HD Theme From CydiaApp Screen Dreamboard Theme

Apps on Xtreme SHomescreen Xtreme S HD

Price - Xtreme S HD theme is available for $0.99. You can download it from Cydia using BigBoss repo.

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SmartBoard Dreamboard Theme

SmartBoard is among the best dreamboard themes. SmartBoard provides you all the basic information on your iPhone's home screen besides giving a clean and elegant look. After downloading SmartBoard on the home screen you will see information about date, time and weather. One smart feature of this themes is you don't have to provide information for the weather. SmartBoard has GPS through you will shown the updated temperature of your current area. Also SmartBoad allows you to choose any wallpaper you want. And by using this theme you can change your lockscreen and home screen just by visiting "Settings" option in your iOS device. Bu you need to have wallpaper jpegifier for that. But if don't have it then also you can choose among the limited stock wallpapers that come with the SmartBoard theme. Once you will change the wallpaper then you will have to respring your device for the change to take place. Below are pics of SmartBoard Dreamboard theme -

SmartBoard Settings OptionSmartBoard DreamBoard Theme

SmartBoard Theme For iPhoneSmartBoard Theme Calendar

Price - SmartBoard Dreamboard theme is available for free. You can download it using BigBoss repo.

Apple Desk v2 Dreamboard Theme

Apple Desk v2 is a quality Dreamboard theme for iOS 8. As the name suggests this app makes your home screen look like a desk. And the icons on your iPhone/iPad's homescreen are objects on the desk. This theme provides you two pages of desk space. And has folders in which you can store your apps for easy access. Apple Desk v2 also shows multiple HD wallpapers and weather widget. Some basic features of Apple Desk v2 are -

  • No paid Cydia dependencies
  • Two pages of desk space
  • Multiple HD wallpapers
  • Folder page for all other applications via SpringJump
  • Weather Icon, Home Button (to 1st page), and Live Time in dock
  • Leopard experience when iMac is tapped (via SpringJump)
  Here are some screenshots of Apple Desk v2 dreamboard theme -

Apple Desk v2 Theme

Price - You can download Apple Desk v2 from Cydia using ModMyi repo  ( for free.

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Aero 2 Dreamboard Theme

Aero 2 is a Windows style theme, the one I was listing above. Aero 2 gives you Windows on your iphone/ipad. With this theme your app icons turn into folders and icons of Windows. It provides you with Start menu, folders, icons, subfolders and almost everything just like Windows. Here are some screenshots of this theme -

Aero HomescreenAero Start Menu

Aero Dreamboard ThemeAero For iPhone

Some Unique features of Aero 2 -
  • Free Flowing Widgets - The icons and widgets on your iphone/ipad homescreen can be moved around anywhere. Positions are saved after reboot and respring.
  • Window Minimisation - It has the Windows minimize feature too. The Winodw can be restored to its original position anytime.
  • Priority Windows - This feaure allows you to select the active Window, bringing it on the top of all others.
  • Positioning System - Windows in this theme moves around fluidly in realtime. And the position of Window are saved on respring and reboot.
Price - You can download Aero 2 from Cydia using ModMyi repo ( for free.

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So these were some best Dreamboard themes for iOS 8 (2015) from Cydia. Just try them and customize your iPhone/iPad to your wish. Try new themes and exploit the best from your iOS device.

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