Download Facebook Videos On iPhone Using Cydia

Facebook is a great social networking site we use almost everyday. You see allot of pretty things status, comments, pictures and videos. There are somethings your like allot including pics and videos that you want to save on your iPhone. And we know how to download Facebook pics on iPhone. Downloading pics is very easy as Facebook provides the direct download option. But what about the Facebook videos that you like? There are allot of good quality videos that you find interesting and want to download them on your iPhone. But it sometimes become difficult as there is no direct option and you have to search for various online sites if anyone could help you download Facebook videos on iPhone easily. Hell its a lot of work and many times you might end up getting nothing and wasting allot of time. But not anymore. Here I have shared a tutorial on how to download Facebook videos on iPhone using Cydia. Just follow some simple steps and download Prenesi through which you can easily download Facebook videos on your iPhone.

Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

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Requirements To Download FB Videos Using Prenesi

Prenesi is a software app that is available for free on many Cydia sources. It is a cracked app that runs only on jailbroken iOS devices. So if first need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and install Cydia on it else you will not be able to download and use Prenesi on your iOS device. If you have already jailbroken your iOS device then just follow the next steps and download Prenesi.

Install Prenesi To Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

1. Tap Cydia icon on your homescreen and open it.
2. Now search for "Prenesi" in the search box.
3. From the results select "Prenesi" and install it on your iPhone.
4. Respring your iPhone.

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How to Use Prenesi?

Prenesi is very simple to use. Using Prenesi to download Facebook videos is same as downloading any picture from Facebook.

1. Open your Facebook page and scroll down for a video.
2. Tap on the video to play it.
3. Below the video you will see a arrow right next to the comment button. Just tap the arrow icon to download Facebook video.

Prenesi Cydia Tweak

You can now download any Facebook video using Prenesi and the Facebook video will be saved in your iPhone's gallery. You can play it offline whenever you want.

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Prenesi is an awesome Cydia tweak. Some of the unique features of Prenesi are -

  • Merely crashes
  • Works on all major devices
  • Integrates into the official Facebook app
  • Does not require any third-party installer
  • Saving into the gallery directly
  • Clean and efficient

Why Prenesi Is Not Working?

Many times it could happen that you have the suitable iOS version running and you have installed Prenesi from a trusted Cydia source. But it might not work. The problem may come with the download option. You might not see the "Download this video" button. For this you have to enable Prenesi from the more button in Facebook app.

  1. For enabling Prenesi open Facebook app. 
  2. Then choose the "More" button in the bottom right corner.
  3. There you will see two options "Enabled/Disabled" and "Show Ads".
  4. From here set the option to "Enabled" mode.
  5. Now restart the Facebook app and start downloading the videos.
Below is a video from iReview that tells you more about how to download videos with Prenesi and how to enable/disable Prenesi on your Facebook app.

Thus this was a simple tutorial on how to download Facebook videos on iPhone using Cydia. Just use Prenesi and download all the videos you like easily.


  1. Prenesi tweak is not working on my iPhone 5s with iOS 8.3!! HELP

  2. Sorry bro...the tweak will not work with iOS 8.3. This OS version doesn't support many apps (Apple's special privileges). Prenesi will work only till iOS 8.2 beta versions.

  3. Replies
    1. Dude plz elaborate the problem i will try to help you.

  4. Don't have download this video panel after installed it.

    1. Make sure that you have enabled Prenesi after downloading it. See the last para that i have added.

  5. hey my fb app's more tab does not look like urs, its not showing enable/disable option
    pls help

    1. Bro it doesn't matter..just try to find this option in settings or anywhere else

  6. Does Prenesi 2 work in ios 8.4? Can't find the settings and can't see any download option