Best Cydia Sources For iOS 9 in 2015

Having an iPhone with iOS 8 is fun and when you get Cydia installed it becomes better. iOS Apple devices are getting better with the newly updated version of iOS. Recently iOS 8 has brought many cool features with it. So if you are not having older models of iPhone you might have felt the same (Because we know how iOS 7 and 8 run on older versions!!). If you have an iPhone or iPad and you have jailbroken your iOS device, installed Cydia then this post is for you. As the title suggests "Best Cydia Sources For iOS", I have mentioned here some of the best Cydia repos. The repositories which when added to Cydia provide you with many cool cracked apps, wallpapers, IPA files etc. Cydia is completely under utilized if you have not added useful sources in it. So just go through this post and do check which repos you have missed and add them to your Cydia sources.

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Top Cydia Sources For iOS

Here is the cool list of Cydia sources that you should add to your Cydia and explore for free cracked apps -

LinkStore Repo

LinkStore Cydia Repo

LinkStore is a very popular source for download paid apps and mods for free. On and Off, LinkStore basically skips the payment page from the apps. You just have to install LinkStore on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and turn it on. You can then directly access the apps from app store for free.

Lets just say, LinkStore for iOS is a completely new kind of iPA Installer. Once it is installed on your jailbroken iOS device, a button on the app store's paid app will appear. And when you tap that button it will find you the cracked version of the paid iPA file you selected. LinkStore allows you to install the paid apps for free instantly without leaving App Store.

LinkStore Cydia Source URL -

SiNful iPhone Repo

Sinful iPhone Repo

SiNful iPhone is another cool Cydia source that hosts free cracked apps, ringtones, games, mods, wallpapers, cracks, tweaks and themes for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. Whether you want to try any paid app for free or customize the looks of your iOS device, SiNful iPhone will provide you allot of variety for it. Some of the best Cydia apps that are regularly downloaded using SiNful iPhone's repo are Zypher, Springtomize and Tether Me.

By installing Cydia and adding SiNful iPhone's source to it you could get download for free some of the best games for iOS. These include Dead Space, FIFA 15, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Madden NFL, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Mirror’s Edge, Transformers 3, Monopoly for iPad, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NBA Jam, TETRIS, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, ROCK BAND Reloaded, Reckless Racing and many more.

SiNful iPhone Cydia Source URL -

PwnCenter Repo

PwnCenter Cydia Source

PwnCenter is another cydia source. This repo serves mostly wallpapers, themes and ringtones. There are less apps and games. But when it comes to ringtones this is the single repo you will ever need. So if you want ringtones and some fancy stuff other then utilities and apps then you can use this source. Due to less items being hosted this repo is updated less often. So you don't need to check it regularly. Just add this repo once and download the stuff. After that you can delete this repo from Cydia. Having a lot of Cydia sources causes hindrance in running makes it slower. So add this repo for a short period of time to get ringtones and wallpapers. If not you can ignore it. Below is the PwnCenter repo URL.

PwnCenter Cydia Source URL -

BiteYourApple Repo

BiteYourApple Cydia Source

If you think Ferrari is the best Italian car then you should know that BiteYourApple is the best Italian Cydia source. Its not like that it serves Italian audience only but it is of Italian origin. A Italian repo that serves many cracked apps and iPA files for all the iOS devices in the world.

BiteYourApple is a great Cydia source for downloading free cracked apps. It has almost all apps from A to Z. If you are an iPad user who is using latest iPad models and iOS 8 or above then you must add BiteYourApple repo for downloading Movie Box app. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free. You can also download LocaliAPStore iOS 8.4, BYA Cloud for iPad Mini, iFile iOS 8.4, SpotiUM iOS 8.4 and much more.

BiteYourApple Cydia Source URL -

So these were some of the best Cydia sources for iOS 8. Do add these repos to your Cydia and start exploring the region of apps, games, wallpapers and themes for free.

Insanelyi Repo 

Insanelyi Cydia Source

Insanelyi is a very interesting repo for those who has a designer and an artist hidden inside them. Because Insanelyi repo is a hub for customizing apps, tweaks and themes. It has more than 8000 different themes and apps available for free. You can download Dreamboard and Winterboard themes that you like, you can go for retina display ready packages and full apps. In short if you want to customize your iPhone,iPad or iPod touch and are looking for content just add this Cydia source and you will be served. Other then customizing apps Insanelyi also provides games and hacks. You can download DLCs and game hacks for free. Some popular games inlcude FIFA, Siper 3D Assassin, Boom Beach, Brothers in Arms etc. Some of the popular apps that Insanelyi hosts are -

iAcces - This app provides you with custom keyboards, so if are a texting freak a custom keyboard is an awesome gift for you!

App Switcher - It lets you jump between apps and playing music. So if your are multitasking then you must have App Switcher installed.

Infifolders - It provides you with infinite number app and adds vertical scrolling so that browsing the folders becomes easy.

Other apps that Insanelyi hosts are iCleaner Pro, Metal Stream game, Plenty OF Fish dating app, Taichi Panda, Bloons Monkey City, FIFA 14 etc.

Insanelyi Cydia Source URL -

So these were some of the best Cydia sources for iOS 8. Do add these repos to your Cydia and start exploring the region of apps, games, wallpapers and themes for free.

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