Best Cydia Sources For Game Mods

Hey guys are you also a gaming freak like me! Do you too enjoy playing GTA on your iPhone? Is your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone full of games, many of which you don't play because you have completed them several times and they are still there because you just don't want to delete them. Then this post if for you guys. Here I am sharing with you some best Cydia sources for game mods. Some Cydia sources especially dedicated to a particular game. These mods will enhance your gaming experience and will make gaming more fun. Just have a read and add these Cydia sources for downloading the best game mods. And if you are have trouble in adding sources to Cydia you can see this example how to add "" to Cydia. It shows how to add a Cydia repo to cydia.



It is a very popular source for downloading DLC hacks and unlocks. If you are not familiar with DLC then DLC is the "Downloadable Content". This content for games could be in any form. Like some bonuses, mods, saved games, This source can provide you with many unexpected stuff that you will definitely like. Some typical games that IDWANEO keeps stuff are Battlefield, Asphalt 6, Angry Birds, Anger of Stick etc. Also you can also find some great wallpapers, cydia lockscreen tweaks and other apps on this Cydia source. Just add IDWANEO to your Cydia sources. Here is the source URL -

IDWANEO Cydia Repo -

iHacksRepo (IHR)

iHackRepo URL

This is a very popular repo among Cydia users. Almost all paid and premium apps are available on this Cydia source for free. iHacksRepo can provide you not just the best gaming mods but some best games too. Just add the iHacksRepo if you want more games and other apps too. But if you already have your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch completely filled with games then this repo might not fit for you. You an go on and try the next repo that targets the mods prominently. Below is the iHackRepo Cydia source -

iHackRepo Source URL -

iHaxGames Repo

iHaxGames Repo

iHaxGames doesn't have many mods but has mods for quality games. iHaxGames community is continuously updating the repo with many cool apps and mod updates. Using iHaxGames you can download mods for many interesting games such a1s Baseball Superstars, Contract Killer: Zombies, Critical Strike Portable mod, GTA 3 car mod, Hero's Way mod, MC3 Gun Name mod, Millionaire City mod and many more. And for Minecraft, this is the repo for Minecraft mods and hacks. You can download maps, skins and all associated content just from this source. Here is the Cydia source URL for iHaxGames -

iHaxGames Cydia Repo -

Siris MyRepoSpace Repo

Siris Repo

This is another source especially dedicated to Mincecraft content. Once you have added this Cydia source to your Cydia then you can download all the MineCraft content including MineCraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) explosive arrows, MCPE fly in survival, MCPE full bright, MCPE patch, sprinting and what not. It not like you will not get any other mods or hacks on this repo but this repo is the ultimate spot for MiceCraft lovers. You will also find many other cool mods and unlocks for other games too. So do give a try to this cool Cydia source. Here is the URL for this repo -

Siris MyRepoSpace Repo -

ZeroBeat Repo

ZeroBeat Repo

ZeroBeat is another cool Cydia source where you find content for Grand Theft Auto. Again this source also has many mods and unlocks for other games but for GTA it is the complete database. You can get GTA Vice City tear gas mod, spider cars mod, no water mod, Saturn mod, mod for gang peds, GTA III weapon mod, vehicle mod, car mod, map mod, super punch mod, sky mod and all the rest. So if you are a GTA player this is the best Cydia source for you. And if you have not download GTA then you can download GTA Vice City for iPhone/iPad for free. Here is the Cydia source URL -
Zero Beat Repo -
So guys these were some best Cydia sources for game mods. You can also check out the best Cydia sources for iOS that are for all apps. And for now do add these sources and tell whether you liked them or not. I will try to update the list with many more and in the mean time you can also share your favorite repos through comments. Enjoy!

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