How To Enable 3G On iPhone 5, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus

Changing the data speed is becoming complex from a few days as Apple is switching the options for it. With regular new updates and changing of iPhone versions the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have changed many things. Here I have discussed the ways by which you can change cellular data speed on your iPhone. I have discussed the ways for iOS 8, iOS 8.1 and higher. And also for iOS 6 just in case if it works for you. But one thing for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1+ users is that not all iPhone/iPad users are going to have these options in their "settings". It is because cellular data speed depends on the carrier you are using. If your data carrier doesn't provide you the option to change your cellular data speed then you can't help it. Generally AT&T and T mobile users in USA have the option for changing the data speed for almost all plans. But i am quite unsure about Verizon and Sprint. They might have it for some of heir individual plans though. Thus here is a simple guide on how to enable 3G on iPhone 5, 5C, 6 and 6 plus.

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For iOS 8 and iOS 8.1+ Users

Enabling 3G is easy if your cellular data plan provides you with the option. If id doesn't then it becomes a crucial case. Let's see if your operator is flexible -

Step 1 - Tap on the "Settings" option on your iPhone/iPad's home screen and open the settings panel.

Step 2 - Go to "General" option and search for the "Cellular" option. If "Cellular" is not available search for "Mobile" and tap it.

Step 3 -  You will now see options such as "Mobile Data", "Enable 3G" and "Data Roaming".  Have a look at the image below.

Mobile Option iPhone

Step 4 - Now just tap on the slide bar infront of "Enable 3G" to on or off 3G data connection.

In the above image you can see that user has 3G on iPhone and the green color shows that 3G network is enabled and is available for Vodafone UK network.

So these are the simple steps on how to enable 3G on iPhone 5, 5c, 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

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Enable 3G Not Showing iPhone

Many of you might not be finding the "Enable 3G" on iPhone/iPad. But the "Enable LTE" option. Now LTE is nothing but "Long Term Evolution" or in our language a 4G network. So if you are tapping on "Cellular" option and you are not able to find "Enable 3G" on iPhone/iPad but you can see the "Enable LTE" option then a 4G network is running on your iPhone. So if you want you can disable it just by sliding the bar. The green color then would be gone.

Enable LTE iPhone

This happens for updated versions of iOS settings. You carrier is providing the 4G LTE connection and you are enjoying a very high speed internet connection. And when you slide it to "Off". Then 4G LTE and now either 3G or 2G will run on your iPhone. That is, you have now enabled 3G on iPhone/iPad.

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What If It Shows Voice & Data?

If you tap on the "Mobile" option in "Settings" and you see "Voice & Data" option. This is the luckiest iPhone and the carrier option you have got. It makes it very simple to choose the cellular data speed you want.

Just tap on this "Voice & Data" option and it will show you the cellular data speeds available to use on your iPhone/iPad. These speeds depend on what your carrier provides you.

Voice & Data Option iPhone

By tapping on "Voice & Data" you will see all the three options. The "LTE", "3G" and "2G" option. Just tap on the cellular speed you want to use and it will be selected.

Enable 3G on iPhone

Now if you choose the LTE option. 4G LTE connection will be provides by your carrier. But if LTE is not available 3G or 2G will be enabled depending upon the connectivity.

But if you choose the "enable 3G" on iPhone you will get the 3G internet speed and in case if 3G is not available only 2G speed will be provided. You will not be served with 4G LTE cellular data speed.

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 What If Enable LTE/3G Not Showing

Now if you are not finding any option like "Enable 3G" or "Enable LTE" or "Voice & Data". Then it is the worst case. In such cases you can do any of the given choices -

  • Just update your iPhone/iPad through iTunes by connecting your iPhone to a computer. Just see if  carrier settings update is available though iTunes. Enable it and update your iPhone/ipad.
  • Turn On/Off airplane mode. Go to "Settings" -> "Airplane Mode". Turn it on and off. So your connectivity issues can be removed if they are present.
  • Remove the sim card or restart you iPhone/iPad. Sometimes it works too!
  • Reset Network Settings. Go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "Reset" -> "Reset Network Settings".
  • Update your iPhone Software. Try the updated version so that bugs will be removed.
  • Last but not the least you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone to a olfactory settings. Just restore your iPhone as new.
  • Contact your carrier and ask for the issue.
  • And if all that still doesn't works. Just go to the shop from where you bought the iPhone/iPad and kick the dealer's ass. Hit him hard! May it provide you the solution.
So this was it. This was a short guide on how to enable 3G on iPhone 5, 5c, 6 and 6 plus. Do try the above ways and use your data efficiently!

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