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BiteSMS is another very popular Cydia app that has established itself in the iPhone user community in past years. It has been used widely by many iOS users to reply instantly to messages and calls without closing the current app being used. If you feel limited with built in messages app of iOS and want more freedom with extra features then you must definitely install BiteSMS. It will provide you many extra features such as  scheduled reply, quick messages, contact pics, signatures, quick compose, themes, delayed sending, privacy, auto forward etc. BiteSMS Cydia app is a useful app when it comes to messaging with iOS. Below I have discussed some more unique features of BiteSMS. Just have a look and give this quality app a try -

Messages BiteSMS Cydia App

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Message Alerts Toggle 

Set the control center to easily access message alert toggle for BiteSMS. If in unlocked mode you don't want to receive any notification, sound or vibration just turn off the toggle. The status bar icon and biteSMS icon badge are still shown. When locked the notifications are still shown bit without sond and vibration. But you also need to install CCLoader to access this feature of biteSMS.

Quick Reply

This is a very popular and helpful feature that is mostly used. Using this feature you can reply to the incoming message instantly without closing any app. You may be playing game, watching your favorite video song or surfing the Safari browser. You can instantly reply to the incoming text and then continue with your task.

Notification Opt Out

If you want to op out of notification for one or more contacts you can use this feature. Just shut out the unimportant messages and concentrate on your work. It also helps you to kick out spam and unwanted group alerts that don't interest you.

Auto Forward

This feature allows you to forward the text and received messages to other groups and contacts. So if you are using multiple phones or you are in a relationship where you guy want to share a single cell phone then just urn on the auto forwarding feature and the messages will be forwarded automatically.

Contact Pics

Cool contact pictures that helps you grab the faces of the person quickly to your memory. Adds interactivity and adds to user friendly experience.

Smileys, Templates and Contacts

This feature of BiteSMS Cydia app makes it easy to insert Smileys, short snippets of text and even contact details from your address book.

Smileys BiteSMS

So these were some cool features of BiteSMS cydia app. If you liked the app and wanna install it just refer to the below para where I have shared some simple steps to download BiteSMS Cydia app for free.

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Download BiteSMS App For Free

BiteSMS can be downloaded for free using Cydia. Note that BiteSMS works only on jailbroken iOS devices so you need to jailbreak your iPhone and download Cydia on it to install BiteSMS. Here are the steps -

  • Tap on Cydia icon and open it.
  • Search for "BiteSMS" in the search option. Look or the latest version of BiteSMS that is compatible with you iOS version.
  • Tap on the install button and install BiteSMS on you iPhone/iPad.

Once properly installed enjoy BiteSMS Cydia app for free. Keep the app updated to enjoy the maximum benefits and have fun.

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