SwipeExpander Cydia App

SwipeExpander is a cool Cydia app to customize keyboard on iPhone and iPad. This jailbreak Cydia app provides a variety of options like revealing a menu or insert any text just by swiping up or down on keyboard. SwipeExpander treats lower case and upper case differently so you can add allot of gestures in keyboard alphabets. And there are some many cool features that are provided by SwipeExpander Cydia app.

SwipeExpander Cydia App Features

SwipeExpander expands the usability of your iPhone keyboard. One you install SwipeExpander on your iPhone/iPad. you can configure it using the preferences option in the stock settings. Using preferences you can assign swipe up or swipe down options to iOS keyboard. You can assign any available actions. These are -

Dismiss Autocorrect
Dismiss Keyboard
Insert Text
Delete Forward
Delete Word
Select All
SwipeExpander Cydia App

You can choose among any of the actions. And to remove or edit the options again go to preferences and change the settings. The tweak is awesome and very useful if you text regularly on WhatsApp or other text messengers. Just follow the steps below to download it.

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Download SwipeExpander Cydia App

SwipeExpander is a awesome cracked app available on Cydia for free. Just make sure that SwipeExpander is a cracked app and runs only on jailbroken iOS devices. So you need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad and download Cydia on it to install SwipeExpander. Once Cydia is installed you can easily download SwipeExpander on your iPhone. Also, SwipeExpander is available on Bigboss repo that is present in Cydia by default so you don't need to add any Cydia source. Just follow these steps -

Step 1 - Tap on Cydia icon on homescreen to open it.
Step 2 - In the search box search for "SwipeExpander". Tap on the SwipeExpander in the search results make sure it is compatible with your iOS version.
Step 3 - Tap on the install button and install it.

SwipeExpander Cydia app is now successfully installed on your iPhone. Just use it and make your typing experience like nothing.

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